Corporate Culture

Mission: Infinite Communication & Link Between You and Me
Wutong is committed to making the enterprise a value win-win platform and communication platform connecting clients, employees, stockholders and cooperation partners, helping clients connect with new networks, new technologies, new services and new life, assisting employees to connect with their dreams, and helping cooperation partners and stockholders connect the value of growth. Wutong will promote human social communication as an important direction to guide the development of enterprises, to communicate with employees and to embrace customers, toward common and harmonious development of enterprises and society, country through communication.
Vision: To create intelligent communications manufacturing, internet information services as the core business of aircraft carriers
Setting the communication intelligent manufacture industry and the internet information service industry as the top two pillar industries, Wutong continuously improves the level of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent science and technology, positively creates an internet information service platform and expands the industrial ecological chain around information services. The goal is to become a modern enterprise group with strong industrial ecological influence and core characteristic advantages.
Value: Integrity Simplicity Innovation Integration

Integrity: Do the good-faith things with sincerity. Honesty is the principle of social intercourse and the basic requirement of human beings. Honesty is also the soul of the market economy, the golden business card of company, and the cornerstone of the company’s growth.

Simplicity: Simplify the complicated things, normalize the simple things. The company has built up a agile management and quick response mode, promoted the simplified and standardized management, and the simple, efficient and happy work philosophy. 

Innovation: Break the set thinking model, demonstrate the creativity and imagination on management, technology, product, service and commercial mode, carry forward the gene advantages of the company innovation, and keep the longevity of the family estate.

Integration: Seeking common ground while reserving differences, complementing advantages and creating a harmonious cultural atmosphere, building a core value system to enhance the company’s brand influence and core competitiveness is the direction for all employees of the company to work together.

Operation Philosophy: Innovation driven, and win-win cooperation
Wutong takes innovation as the biggest driving force for enterprise operation and win-win cooperation as the highest operating target. Adhere to the way of business survival to stimulate enterprise vitality by innovation, encourage innovation consciousness, initiate innovation spirit, improve innovation incentive and enhance innovation ability, promote the innovation of product, technology, market and management, and build up an enterprise atmosphere of daring to innovation, being diligent in innovation and being good at innovation; We will adhere to the operating and developing way of win-win cooperation, build up a win-win cooperation value chain for customers, cooperation partners, employees and stockholders, establish a win-win cooperation ecosphere with Wutong as the core to achieve sustainable development of Wutong.
Talent Concept: Construct environment, increase cohesion, achievement talent.
Adhering to the philosophy of using the talents to strengthen and prosper the enterprise, Wutong is committed to creating a good environment for attracting and gathering talents and building a good working and living environments for talents and helping the growth mechanism of talents. Creating an atmosphere of respecting, utilizing and cultivating talents, Wutong makes enterprise a platform of gathering talents and chasing dreams; Establish and improve the mechanism of talent incentive, training and evaluation, give full play to the value of talent, make talent take root and succeed in the enterprise, and achieve win-win and uniformity of talent value and enterprise value.